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Governance, human rights and equity

Sustainable environmental governance constitutes one of the most important pillars for the full and effective implementation of international and national environmental laws. It requires the setting up of institutions from the local to the international level that can deliver effective, fair and equitable environmental management.

Sustainable environmental governance is intrinsically related to the fulfilment of human rights, in particular with regard to the links between environmental management and the realisation of specific human rights. Further, it is directly related to issues of equity, for instance concerning the situation of women in environmental management (gender concerns) or the relations between states in international law (differential treatment).

The following publications examine a number of inter-related issues. These include:

  • environmental governance from the local level to the international level,

  • differential treatment (equity) in international law,

  • human rights and the environment and environmental justice,

  • procedural rights, including issues surrounding environmental and strategic impact assessment, and

  • gender issues in environmental management.

Books and Edited Books on Justice and Human Rights


Differential Treatment in International Environmental Law

Philippe Cullet
Aldershot: Ashgate Publishing
date: 2003
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Selected Academic Publications on Justice and Human Rights

Introduction to the Research Handbook on Law, Environment and the Global South
in P. Cullet & S. Koonan eds, Research Handbook on Law, Environment and the Global South (Edward Elgar, 2019), p. xvi-xxvi.


full text   102 [KB]

Reconfiguring Legal Education to Deepen Gender Equality: Mainstreaming Gender Through Curriculum Review at the School of Law University of Nairobi
East Africa Law Journal 54-81 (2018).


full text   771 [KB]

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace in Kenya
East Africa Law Journal 184-209 (2018).


full text   689 [KB]

Constitutions as Pathways to Gender Equality in Plural Legal Contexts
5/1 Oslo Law Review 20-40 (2018).


full text   1518 [KB]

Differential Treatment in Environmental Law: Addressing Critiques and Conceptualizing the Next Steps
P. Cullet, 'Differential Treatment in Environmental Law: Addressing Critiques and Conceptualizing the Next Steps', 5/2 Transnational Environmental Law (2016), p. 305-28.


full text   313 [KB]

Principle 7 - Common but Differentiated Responsibilities
in Jorge E. Vinuales ed., The Rio Declaration on Environment and Development: A Commentary (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015), p. 229-44.


full text   26 [KB]

Integrating Human Rights in Program Evaluation: Lessons from Law and Health Programs in Kenya
in B. Rosenstein & H. Desivilya Syna (Eds.), Evaluation and Social Justice in Complex Sociopolitical Contexts, 146 New Directions for Evaluation 57-69 (2015).


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Le principe des responsabilites communes mais differenciees en droit international de l'environnement: enjeux et perspectives
55/1 Cahiers de droit (2014), p. 9-31.


full text   367 [KB]

Access to Justice: Evaluating Law, Health and Human Rights Programmes in Kenya
16(Suppl 2) Journal of the International AIDS Society 1 (2013).


full text   706 [KB]

Land Acquisition, Eminent Domain and the 2011 Bill
46/44-45 Economic and Political Weekly (2011), p. 10-14.


full text   1247 [KB]

Kenya: Justice Sector and the Rule of Law
Johannesburg: Open Society Initiative for Eastern Africa


full text   1994 [KB]

The Kyoto Protocol and vulnerability: human rights and equity dimensions
in Stephen Humphreys ed., Human Rights and Climate Change (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010), p. 183-206.


full text   81 [KB]

A Unique Identity Bill
45/30 Economic and Political Weekly (2010), p. 10.


full text   272 [KB]

Environment and Development - The Missing Link
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Courts as Champions of Sustainable Development: Lessons from East Africa
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Evolution of the Law on Child Labor in India
in Hugh D. Hindman ed., The World of Child Labor - An Historical and Regional Survey (Armonk, NY: ME Sharpe, 2009), p. 783.


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Environmental Justice in the Use, Knowledge and Exploitation of Genetic Resources
in Jonas Ebbesson and Phoebe Okowa eds, Environmental Law and Justice in Context (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009) p. 371-389


full text   140 [KB]

Kenya (Role of the Judiciary in Environmental Governance)
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full text   1965 [KB]

Ostensible Poverty, Beggary and the Law
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Human Rights and Intellectual Property Protection in the TRIPS Era
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Illegality and the Urban Poor
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Water Investments and the Participation of Local Communities
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full text   110 [KB]

India and the ICC
3 Journal of International Criminal Justice 627 (2005)


full text   89 [KB]

Demolition Drive
40/27 Economic & Political Weekly 2908-12 (2 July 2005)


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Patents and Medicines: The Relationship Between TRIPS and the Human Right to Health
79 International Affairs (2003), p.139


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Improving Tools and Techniques for Crisis Management - The Ecological Sources of Conflict: Experiences from Eastern Africa
1/2 Romanian Journal of Political Science (2001), p. 134


full text   345 [KB]

The Environmental Accountability of the World Bank to Non-State Actors: Insights from the Inspection Panel
72 British Yearbook of International Law (2001), p. 213


full text   211 [KB]

Differential Treatment in International Law: Towards a new Paradigm of Inter-State Relations
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full text   285 [KB]

Hang them Now, Hang Them not - India's Travails with the Death Penalty
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Displacement and the Law
31 Economic & Political Weekly (1996), p. 1486.


full text   1702 [KB]

Definition of an environmental right in a human rights context
13 Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights (1995), p. 25


full text   1361 [KB]

Working Papers on Justice and Human Rights

Gendered Impacts of Responses to The COVID-19 Pandemic in Kenya

full text    538 [KB]

Changing the Mainstream - Celebrating Women's Resilience

full text    3282 [KB]

Fallacies of Equality and Inequality: Multiple Exclusions in Law and Legal Discourses

full text    1541 [KB]

A State of Surveillance

full text    32 [KB]

Site Inspection Report - Bauxite Mining in Kalahandi and Rayagada Districts (Orissa Mining Corporation)

full text    1638 [KB]

Towards Greater Access to Justice in Environmental Rights: Need for a New Perspective

full text    354 [KB]

Human Rights and Intellectual Property Rights: Need for a New Perspective

full text    239 [KB]

Implementation of Court Orders in the area of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: An Overview of the experience of the Indian Judiciary

full text    366 [KB]

The Operational Environment and Constraints for NGOs in Kenya: Strategies for Good Policy and Practice

full text    516 [KB]

Strategic Planning and Implementation of Public Involvement in Environmental Decision-making as the Relate to Environmental Impact Assessment in Kenya

full text    470 [KB]

Environmental Justice and Sustainable Development: Integrating Local Communities in Environmental Management

full text    313 [KB]

Droits de solidarité en droit international

full text    483 [KB]

Other Contributions on Justice and Human Rights


Futile Penalty (2012)


Innocent Convicts (2012)


Implications of registering, tracking, profiling (2010)


The personal is the personal (2010)


Bhopal: An unsettling settlement (2010)


Rehabilitation: where the truth lies (2006)


Creating dispensable citizens (2006)


The Doha Declaration of the WTO and Access to Medicines (2002)