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Biological and natural resources

The following publications focus on the use and conservation of biological and natural resources in general.




Selected Academic Publications on Biological and Natural Resources


Biodiversity Legislation Reflects India's Obligations

author(s): Philippe Cullet
source: The Hindu, 22 February 2001, 1 March 2001, 8 March 2001, 15 March 2001.
date: 2001
publication: newspaper
abstract full text 0 [KB]

The Scheduled Tribes and other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006: A Critical Appraisal

author(s): Lovleen Bhullar
source: 4/1 Journal of Law, Environment and Development (2008), p. 20-34.
date: 2008
publication: academic
abstract full text 300 [KB]

Selected Shorter Contributions on on Biological and Natural Resources


Intellectual Property Rights and Biodiversity Management: The Case of India

author(s): Philippe Cullet, Jawahar Raja
source: 4/1 Global Environmental Politics (2004), p. 97
date: 2004
publication: academic
abstract full text