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Much Ado About Nothing: A Critical Analysis of the Matrimonial Property in Kenya

author(s): Patricia Kameri-Mbote & Muriuki Muriungi
source: 6 Zanzibar Yearbook of Law (2016), p. 71-102.
date: 2016
abstract size 5562 [KB]

The quest for Equal Gender Representation in Kenya's Parliament: Past and Present Challenges

author(s): Patricia Kameri-Mbote
source: in Japhet Biegon ed., Gender Equality and Political Process in Kenya - Challenges and Prospects (Nairobi: Strathmore University Press, 2016), p. 39-66.
date: 2016
abstract size 3726 [KB]

Inter-Sectoral Water Allocation and Conflicts - Perspectives from Rajasthan

author(s): Philippe Cullet, Lovleen Bhullar & Sujith Koonan
source: 50/34 Economic & Political Weekly (2015), p. 61-9
date: 2015
abstract size 340 [KB]

Water Regulation and Public Participation in the Indian Context

author(s): Philippe Cullet
source: in Mara Tignino & Komlan Sangabana eds, Public Participation and Water Resources Management - Where Do We Stand in International Law? (Paris: UNESCO, 2015), p. 20-29.
date: 2015
abstract size 1551 [KB]

Principle 7 - Common but Differentiated Responsibilities

author(s): Philippe Cullet
source: in Jorge E. Vinuales ed., The Rio Declaration on Environment and Development: A Commentary (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015), p. 229-44.
date: 2015
abstract size 26 [KB]

An International Legal Framework for SE4All: Human Rights and Sustainable Development Law Imperatives

author(s): Thoko Kaime, Rob Glicksman
source: 38 Fordham International Law Journal 1405.
date: 2015
abstract size 403 [KB]

Integrating Human Rights in Program Evaluation: Lessons from Law and Health Programs in Kenya

author(s): Gruskin, S., Waller, E., Safreed-Harmon, K., Ezer, T., Cohen, J., Gathumbi, A. & Kameri-Mbote, P.
source: in B. Rosenstein & H. Desivilya Syna (Eds.), Evaluation and Social Justice in Complex Sociopolitical Contexts, 146 New Directions for Evaluation 57-69 (2015).
date: 2015
abstract size 145 [KB]

Genetic Use Restriction Technologies, Intellectual Property Rights and Sustainable Development in Eastern and Southern Africa

author(s): Patricia Kameri-Mbote & James Otieno-Odek
source: 2015 East African Law Journal 1-23 (2015).
date: 2015
abstract size 667 [KB]
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