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Saturday, 24 January


9:45-11:30 Experiences in Privatisation

David Boys, Public Services International (PSI): Limits of the PPP model and alternatives

[powerpoint presentation]

Karen Bakker, University of British Columbia: Beyond Privatization: North-South privatization experiences in dialogue

[powerpoint presentation]

Sujith Koonan, IELRC: Case Study - Proposal for Privatisation of Water Services in Delhi

11:30 11:50 coffee/tea break

11:50 13:00 - Human right to water, drinking water policy framework and health aspects

James Bartram, World Health Organization (WHO): International Drinking Water Policy Framework

[powerpoint presentation]

Philippe Cullet, IELRC: Evolving Drinking Water Policy Framework in India

Adil Khan, IELRC: Water and Health Law and Policy Framework in India

13:00 14:00: lunch

14:00-14:30 End of panel on drinking water

14:30 16:00 - Irrigation and groundwater in India

Rohan D'Souza, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi: Should History Matter: Reconsidering Modern Irrigation Policies in South Asia

Videh Upadhyay, Advocate and Legal Consultant, Delhi: Water User Associations Legislation

Sujith Koonan, IELRC: Groundwater Regulation


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