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Launch of a new water law research project


Forthcoming Workshop: ‘Water, Law and the Commons', Delhi, December 2006


Law, Environment and Development Journal (LEAD-Journal)


New staff members


New book and publications

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  Water Law Partnership Project (Switzerland-India)

new research project ‘Legal Issues Related to Water Sector Restructuring: Human Rights, Environment, Agriculture and Socio-Economic Aspects' funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) was launched in March 2006. This 3-year project will provide an opportunity for researchers in

Geneva and India to work on a number of issues related to water law reforms taking place in the broader context of water sector reforms.

For further information, please visit



Water Workshop, New Delhi , 8-10 December 2006


A workshop ‘Water, Law and the Commons' will be organised in New Delhi from 8-10 December 2006 to conduct discussions concerning some of the most important legal and policy issues arising in the context of ongoing water sector reforms. This workshop is specifically seeking to ensure a

broader understanding of the conceptual framework informing existing water law and ongoing law reforms.

A call for paper was sent out and abstracts are currently being reviewed by the organising committee. For more information, please visit


Law, Environment and Development Journal (LEAD-Journal)


The first issue of 2006 (Volume 2/1) of LEAD journal was published in May. You may access it at .

Articles are now invited for the next issue of LEAD journal. The deadline for submissions for the forthcoming issue is 30 June. Information concerning article submissions can be found at . Please send your contributions to





IELRC is happy to welcome the following new people who have joined IELRC since January:

M. Roopa, a Research Fellow, holds an LLM from New York University and a BA/LLB from National Law School of India University , Bangalore . She has been a visiting faculty at the National Law School , has had extensive work experience with trade unions and was the President and Founder Member of the Alternative Law Forum, Bangalore .

Andrés Olleta, a Law Researcher, holds Diploma of Lawyer from the Universidad Nacional del Sur, Bahía Blanca ( Argentina ) and a DEA in international relations from the Graduate Institute of International.

Studies (HEI), Geneva . He is currently a PhD candidate at HEI working on developing countries' interests in international law making

Meena Panickar, a Visiting Fellow, holds an MPhil from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and a LLB and LLM from the University of Kerala . She is currently completing her PhD on reservations and interpretative declarations to MEAs at JNU and is a Lecturer at the Faculty of Law of Delhi University.

Jessy Thomas, Office Administrator, is responsible for accounts and administration in Delhi Office. She has 12 years of experience in corporate and NGOs in administration, support services and resource management.


  New Publications

Philippe Cullet, Intellectual Property Protection and Sustainable Development ( New Delhi : Lexis/Nexis-Butterworths, 2005). For further information, please visit

Other publications

Philippe Cullet, ‘ Liability and Redress for Modern Biotechnology ',

15 Yearbook of International Environmental Law 2004 (2006), p. 165.

Patricia Kameri-Mbote & Joseph Gopo, ‘Biotechnology: A Turning Point in Development or an Opportunity that Will be Missed?', in Ricardo Meléndez-

Ortiz & Vicente Sánchez eds, Trading in Genes - Development Perspectives on Biotechnology, Trade and Sustainability ( London : Earthscan, 2005), p. 37.

Usha Ramanathan, ‘ Demolition Drive ', 40/27 Economic & Political Weekly

2908-12 (2 July 2005). For the full text, follow this link .

Philippe Cullet, ‘ Seeds Regulation, Food Security and Sustainable Development ', 40/32 Economic &

Political Weekly (6 August 2005), p. 3607 . For the full text, follow this link .

Patricia Kameri-Mbote, Human Rights, Formalisation and Women's Land Rights in Southern and Eastern Africa

(IELRC Working Paper 2005-7). For the full text, follow this link .

P. Cullet, Bharat mai jal kanunan evam jal kshetr ke sudhar (IELRC Working Paper 2006-1). For the full text, follow this link .


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