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bioTECHNOLOGY in Africa

The development of agricultural biotechnology has given rise to significant debates in the African continent. IELRC has made a significant contribution to ongoing debates which are reflected in the following publications.


Selected Publications on Biotechnology


Regulation of GMO Crops and Foods: Kenya Case Study

author(s): Patricia Kameri-Mbote
source: Working Paper 2005-10
date: 2005
publication: working paper
abstract full text 190 [KB]

Globalisation and the International Governance of Modern Biotechnology: The Implications for Food Security in Kenya

author(s): Hannington Odame, Patricia Kameri-Mbote & David Wafula
source: Working Paper 2003-2
date: 2003
publication: working paper
abstract full text 493 [KB]

Plant Genetic Resources in Africas Renewal: Policy, Legal & Programmatic Issues under the New Partnership for Africas Development

author(s): P. Kameri-Mbote (with K. Nnadozie, D. Kiambi, K. Attah-Krah & J. Mugabe)
source: Working Paper 2002-3
date: 2002
publication: working paper
abstract full text 607 [KB]